Give up?

It’s not about who can do it and who can not.

It’s about how soon he gives up and he who does not.

3 Problems with social Media

It must be on your mind that here comes yet another person talking about the same old, overused topic. But, tell me. Did you check your social media sites today and does it make you happy and fulfilled? Let’s list down 3 major drawbacks of social media of the generation which needs food, water, oxygen and social media to survive.

1) It’s a sham.

Checking our social media is the first step of our daily routine. It’s like a pocket dimension we slip into to emancipate our austere lives. We look at it, we feel it and ultimately try to incorporate all the fancy things into our lives. From glowing skin to mascular bodies, we want it all. However, did you think about the army of photo editors working behind the scenes? ( In most cases.) I wonder how hard we work to make unnecessary arrangements for an aesthetically pleasing picture. Social media is one big , decorated arrangement.

2) Addiction

We scroll down a page and the next thing we know is that the birds are chirping and the sun is almost up. ( for some of us atleast). It’s a vast array of new topics which never seem to cease. We keep on wading through perpetually. This is not just harmful for our health but also keeps us from indulging in other productive activites, like we need to say anymore.

3) Standardisation

This is probably the most gruesome impediment for the new generation. We take these things as a standard of living, an epitome of perfection and try to live up to it. Beauty, strength, wealth and all other fancy objects, we want it all. We subconsciously compare ourselves and throw ourselves into a false pit of worthlessness. People suffer not just mentally but also physically instead of loving the only one we’ve got, ourselves.

According to WHO, 1.53 M people may lose their lives of suicide in 2019 and the leading cause may be our beloved social media. This was actually the driving force that induced me to write this down. Cyberbullying is a degraded practice that many use to entertain their fantasies all the while deteriorating other lives. Creation of split personality is obviously not healthy but is real on social media sites. Nobody can deny the plentitude of benefits of social media, however, avoiding it’s darker side is the real challenge.

Maybe it’s time to reconsider our choices of how we spend our leisure time. Ofcourse, social media is a boon in multiple ways, we just have to make an attempt to keep it from turning into a bane. What do you think?

If you’re trying to liberate form this viscous circle, I hope this article helps you in any way possible. Feel free to share your thoughts.


Bird of Flight

Walking on my rooftop, I look towards the sky
Stay with me here, right now
Don’t let this moment go by.

No, not that red and blue pulled by a string,
I don’t want to be that kite
All I wish and all I hope is to be a bird of flight.

Flying with my wings open,
swirling across, round and round.
Piercing through the clouds
I want to fly, fly so high.
No, not watch those striped and white,
paper airplanes go by.

But it’s alright, it’s alright
Maybe in another life
I will be that bright Bird
And all she knows is to Fly.


Shine Through

Success never came without critique & hate
No matter friend or foe, they’ll close down their gate.
The smile will turn into a smirk
The eyes will change into a lurk
Some may even walk on to the other side
But that’s when you’ll know you’re doing it right
Your light maybe blinding to some
and some may even turn to ash
but don’t you give heed to the glare,
whispers and oh all the gnash.
Dance on your victory, you’ve made them so proud,
the ones who love you; so bring down the shroud;
of darkness and dullness & shout out to call,
your strength and your beauty that some may appal.
Cause’ you are a diamond that shines oh so bright,
but some may not see it,
so why don’t you guide.
Cause’ you’ve got it right
So stand tall with pride
Cause’ you are the light
and you shine so bright.

The Meeting

Meet me where the Daisies bloom where it often showers too.
Meet me at the crack of dawn, It’ll be only me and you.

Meet me where the sun-rays fall and paint my hair auburn-red. We’ll walk around the mossy knolls and run upon the grassy bed.

Meet me where the trees and leaves are still dripping with the morning dew. Meet me at the quiet end, all alone, with a placid view.

All I need is a simple gesture Or even a solemn promise from you. Promise me you’ll come for me
then I’ll think about it too.